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Schüco Door ADS 90 SimplySmart
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05 July 2019

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Schüco Doors ADS 90 SimplySmart


High-performance pioneering door series for residential and commercial buildings

The Schüco Door ADS 90 SimplySmart is a high-performance door system which combines high thermal insulation properties with pioneering design details. Its 5-chamber profile construction brilliantly reflects the system approach of Schüco ADS SimplySmart: The same aluminium half profiles are used as for the 75 mm basic depth.

The 90 mm basic depth is achieved with the use of larger insulating bars. Maximum use of identical parts across the basic depths simplifies fabrication considerably and makes it more economical. The use of a double centre gasket ensures outstanding thermal insulation and airtightness properties for this pioneering door system.

As a highly thermally insulated design option, Schüco Door ADS 90.SI SimplySmart achieves excellent thermal insulation values with an identical profile construction and additional foam-filled insulating bars, producing Uf values as low as 1.0 W/(m²K) – without additional insulating shells. This system therefore fulfils the high requirements of the passive house standard.




  • A barrel hinge for all applications: With clamping anchor technology as well as enhanced adjustment options for simple and time-saving installation
  • The same construction principle across all basic depths and maximum use of identical parts ensure professional, reliable fabrication
  • Hybrid insulating bar: High stability in conjunction with a split insulating bar minimises the bimetallic effect
  • Efficient fabrication and simplified installation thanks to pre-fabricated gasket corners and threshold solutions which are optimised for fabrication
  • Available pre-rolled, rolled together by customer and pre-rolled by Schüco



System / Material
  • Aluminium
  • Highly thermally insulated

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