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Window AWS – Outward-opening window
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30 June 2020

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Expansion of the Schüco Window AWS system range: New double-vent window solution, easy-access units and new concealed fittings generation Expanded range of profiles

ส่วนต่อเติม(ส่วนประกอบ)ของระบบ Schüco Window AWS system ด้วยระบบ การซีล หน้าต่างกระจกอลูมิเนียม ระบบใหม่ (New double-vent window solutionแบบป้องกันสองชั้น ง่ายต่อการตัดประกอบติดตั้งและ บำรุงรักษา ในทุกๆส่วนของระบบการซีลกันน้ำ

Expanded range of profiles

Outward-opening Schüco Window AWS profile systems can now also be designed as double-vent window solutions in all basic depths. This makes it possible to design large opening widths that are easy to operate, without obtrusive centre mullions.

As part of this system enhancement, the Schüco Window AWS 70.HI and Schüco Window AWS 75.SI+ systems are now also available as easy-access units in the range. As a single or double-vent unit and with a threshold height of less than 12.5 mm, it offers convenient access with high watertightness.

เทคโนโลยี่ใหม่ในการตัดประกอบ กระจกหน้าต่างอลูมิเนียม | New fittings technology

In addition, Schüco is presenting a new, concealed generation of fittings for outward-opening windows. A new projected top-hung fitting offers advantageous operating forces and an optimum vent balance for all vent sizes and weights. Likewise, a new projected side-hung fitting with an opening angle of 90° can be used in patio doors or for outward-opening emergency exits with optimum clear opening width. Compared to conventional projected side-hung fittings, the Schüco system impresses with large vent dimensions and particularly high vent weights of up to 130 kg. What is important for the fabricator is that the new fittings not only offer significantly increased performance properties and added features, they are also easier and quicker to install.


Vent brake

The range of accessories for the outward-opening Schüco Window AWS has been enhanced with a vent brake function. This allows the vent of a window or patio door unit to be fixed from an opening angle of 15° by means of handle operation.

การทำความสะอาด กระจกอลูมิเนียม | Window cleaning

The new projected side-hung fitting is available as an option with a cleaning function that can be activated, to make it easier to clean the window. In standard operation, this fitting is designed with a maximum clear opening width, whereby the open vent remains very close to the outer frame, as on a side-hung window. If the window is to be cleaned and it is not possible to clean it from the outside or via a neighbouring window, the open vent can be slid into the clear opening by means of mechanics integrated in the projected side-hung stays and conveniently cleaned from the inside.

  • New, concealed projected side-hung and projected top-hung stays with self-locating components and fixing by means of locking cams instead of adapter profiles and screws – simple, efficient fabrication
  • Projected top-hung fitting can also be adjusted under a full load
  • Simple fabrication ensures high watertightness: Also for designs such as double-vent window doors with easy-access threshold
System / Material
  • Aluminium
  • Highly thermally insulated


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